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Our Staff
We currently have a very small staff!  We have 2 moderators, 1 super moderators and 1 administrator.
There was a time when there were two admins, but one has left KWC for the school-year or perhaps forever.  Her name was Molly and she runs Writer Haven on bravehost.  Our current administrator, and the one who typed this, is Katie Palmer who has dedicated 6 months of hard work toward the website and message board.

A Brief History
In late July 2004, the Kids Writing Club was started.  However, back then it wasn't called KWC.  It was called Kids-write and the website was hosted on horrible Yahoo! Geocities.  That only lasted for half a month before the Kids Writing Club message board and website were created.  The current Kids Writing Club message board is the same as the kids-write message board with the URL changed.  It's not really changed, however, because in the board directory of InvisionFree it still says Kids-write and it won't change.
Major Marks in History:
August 7, 2004, the KWC board was given it's new name and some forums.
August 8, 2004, the board recieved it's first 3 posts and 1st member (Danny) joined!
August 12, 2004, first PMs were sent.
Interesting Facts:
*The Forum that has the most topic views is the Chat Zone.
*On December 12, 2004 the most PMs were sent with 19 sent in all.
*The most registrations on a single day was October 16, 2004 with 5 registrations in all.

This site is (c) Katie Palmer 2004.  All work found on the Member Work pages are copyright to their owners.  You may not copy or use any part of their work without their permission.