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Take care of all your Submission needs here...

These Rules Apply to ALL Submissions:
1. no bad language
2. you can enter each contest up to two times
3. no graphic violence
4. only press the submit button ONCE it works the first time
5. don't forget your email address and any other important information 

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PLEASE NOTE: If you want to be responded to, an email address is essential.  Email addresses for registering are very important if you want to be able to get your password back.  If you cannot have the username that you wanted, you need an email address.  Your email address is the only way I can communicate to you so PLEASE don't forget to give me your email address.  If you don't have an email address, please ask your parent's for permission to create a free mail account.   If for some reason you aren't allowed tell people about your address or if you are not allowed to create an address, ask your parent's if you can give me your parent's address.

This site is (c) Katie Palmer 2004.  All work found on the Member Work pages are copyright to their owners.  You may not copy or use any part of their work without their permission.