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Contains Blood.  May not be suitable for younger children.
Chapter1: New Beginnings

Footsteps could be heard throughout the empty temple. A blinding flash and then I could see somebody running only their feet though so I wasn’t to sure who they were. Then another bright flash and I saw their face. It was indeed my self somehow. Although I was different and I was mad and had different clothes on. And I wasn't sure but I had a sword also. Then another quick flash and I didn’t see either of their faces but something did happen between the two. The man had pulled out a sword and killed the woman. I screamed something probably a name but it was too muffled to understand. Then I awoke. Perspiration dripped down my face like mad. And this is as far back as I remember. This is where my story begins.
It was sunny that morning and I had to go to school. I was still only 15 then. Just a boy going to high school. I lived with only my mother as my father I never knew. He left about a month or so before I was born as my mother says. She tells me usually about what a great man he is, but I tell her that I would rather see him for myself and see what he is like now.
“Mom I am leaving for school now I’ll see you later.” I did my usual stop to the store to buy my lunch and a quick breakfast. Then I was running a little late so I had to run to school.
But shortly after I left I ran into somebody. She was most likely the same age as me but I wasn’t sure. “I am so sorry for that.” I said. She then replied “Oh it is fine really it looks like you are the one who got the worst of it.” She said quietly laughing. I smiled and laughed with her.
We both talked as we went to school and we realized that we aren’t that different really. We then got to school and we had to go different ways. She said, “Well this is where I leave you….What did you say your name was?” “My name is Rune...May I have yours?", I couldn't help myself but blush and be even more embarrassed.
She said as she giggled, "My name is Hearth, Nice to meet you Rune."
She walked away before I could get the courage to say anymore. I went on the rest of my day as normal, except for one thing. I was actually smiling for once. I mean why would someone such as her even like me enough to even talk to me. Nobody did really. I wasn't sure why but for some reason I felt like I had known this girl for a while and I began to like her. I couldn't stop thinking about her. There was just something about her that I couldn't get off my mind. It wasn't clear yet but I know I have seen her before but I just can't figure out where from. Had I seen her on the streets before or something? I don't know all I know is that someone as beautiful as her had talked to me.
After school I saw her again except she was to far away for me to say anything to her. She got into a car so I started to walk on home when Lin came up to me and gave me a friendly look, but it also looked like he was planning something like usual.
I smirked and asked, "Well now what are you planning Lin?" "I'm not planning anything for once I just want to congratulate you.", he said. I replied, "Um ok? Now I know you are planning something what are you congratulating me for?" He grinned and said, "Oh nothing just for the fact that one a girl was talking to you and two one of the most amazing and beautiful girls of all. And don't lie to me I saw you two this morning."
I started to laugh and couldn't say anything. I don't know why I was laughing maybe because I was embarrassed? He got annoyed as I could tell by his nostrils were flaring and he walked away.
I made it home and I saw a note on the table. It read "Rune, I am sorry but I am working late again. There are leftovers in the refrigerator. Love, Mom" I sighed and walked towards my room and started up the stairs when, the phone rang.
I ran back to the phone and answered it. "Hello?" the person said, it sounded like a girl. "Hi," I said, "Who is this?" "Oh hello Rune its me, Hearth." I was kind of confused seeing as how she got my number let alone even thought of calling me. "Listen," she said, "I have been having this dream lately and each time I see the same person yet the dream is somehow different each time. Each dream I got to know the person more and more and well as I got to know this person I started to...."
There was a kind of silence as neither of us spoke as I waited for her to finish her sentence. I decided to say something to help her along since she seemed somewhat afraid of something. "Started to what Hearth?" I asked.
She responded with something I didn't expect, "Well I started to like this person but I always thought that this person was fake so I tried to stop myself from thinking about it but then I saw you and the person in my dream was in fact you. And everything we talked about today I already knew about you and it was just weird."
I was most definitely in shock because, well I mean she liked me! Nobody ever really liked me. And make it all better she was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen before. "Well that wasn't something that I expected to hear especially from someone like you." I said. "Oh really Rune? And what is that supposed to mean that I am a horrible person!?!?!" she said with a kind of angry sense. I quickly responded, "No no no not at all what I was saying. I meant from someone as beautiful as yourself and as popular as you. I mean nobody has liked me like that before." "Oh ok that works, but I think if people got to know who you were they would all like you because as I have learned you are such a great person" she said.
I decided to tell her something I didn't think I would tell anyone, "Well I have been having a recurring dream, well more like a nightmare really, but it is still blurry." I told her about the dream I have been having for the past couple weeks and after that we talked for a bit more and we said bye.
After that I was so happy I cooked myself my own meal since there wasn't much leftovers anyways and it was food I never liked in the first place. I liked just pretended to like it to maybe make my mom happy since she has to do so much. I made myself a really small dinner seeing as how I had her on my mind and wasn’t to hungry. I then did the dishes but in the middle of doing them I looked up and saw a dark figure out the window but then he vanished like dust in the wind. I got scared and I hurried up with the dishes and took my shower and went to bed. I sat up real quick to check my window and I thought I saw him again but it was only the tree.
I went to sleep and had the same dream except there was something different. I saw more of the beginning of the dream. First there was two people walking through the woods the girl tied up then they walked past someone who was bloody and looked dead. I looked at the man walking with the girl he was holding a bloody sword. I looked back at the person laying on the ground. In fact the person was dead. I then walked up to the person and I started to want to scream. It was me I was either dead or unconscious I wasn’t entirely sure. But I am sure I was dead by the count on of how much blood I lost.

Part 2:Bloody Passions

I awoke screaming my lungs out like I was in the dream. I looked around me my pillows were thrown blood all over them. I looked at my body my upper body scratched and scarred with blood coming out. I looked at my sheets blood all over them. My mom came in the room “Rune! Why the hell are you screaming I need my sleep don’t you know I have work in the morning?!” I wanted to cry but I knew I shouldn’t. “Mom, don’t you see this blood all over??” “What blood are you talking about there is nothing now get back to sleep.”
I looked down at my body there were no marks no nothing no blood. I looked at my pillows and sheets again no blood on either. I still felt dizzy from getting up so fast but regardless I went in to the bathroom and took some aspirin. I picked up my pillows and the stuff that got knocked over and laid down in bed for what seemed like hours.
My eyes started to hurt as I slowly woke up to my alarm at 5:30. I hurried and got in the shower and ate breakfast before my mom woke up. I left at around 6:00 to walk around the city and think to myself.
Not even realizing it I wound up in the park sitting on a bench near the pond. I was sitting next to an old man. He was blind on the account of the dog and the odd sunglasses.
I got up realizing I needed to head to school before I was late. The old man said to me, “Now that its with you it will never leave. This ‘Darkness’ inside will be there haunting, screaming, torturing you and wont leave you alone for eternity. Never will you see the light again.” My eyes must have widened so huge because someone stared at me in a weird glance. I was so startled. “What are you talking about old ma-....” I turned, nothing there.

I went to school and saw that Hearth was absent on the attendance sheet the teachers get. I couldn’t get her out of my mind then the old man’s voice appeared in my head. “...Darkness...Eternity...” What was he talking about? What is inside me?
The teacher called on me asking me if something was wrong. She said I was pale and breathing hard and shaking. I looked around me. Faces were turned on me from the whole room. They whispered to each other. Then I looked out the window. That same shadowy figure from the night before was sitting in the tree branch. He started laughing but it seemed only I could hear it. It echoed and echoed as the evil laughter went on and on.
I fainted.
I woke up most likely hours later and asked what happened. The woman said, “You fainted in school and were rushed here. You nearly went unconscious and you could barely breathe on the account of how fast you were breathing.” “Where am I?” I think she knew I was going to ask because she answered right away. “At the hospital, I know you are going to ask but you have been here for nearly 36 hours. A girl named Hearth was here for quite a while until visitor hours were over. She came once she called your house and your mom told her where you were.”
Hearth? I thought to myself. I never knew she would care enough to visit me. I then felt bad on the account I had made her worried enough to come and see me and the fact she had to see me like this.
The nurse left the room telling me I needed rest and she shut off the lights. The hospital nightlight came on in the room and my eyes quickly adjusted to the dim lighting. I saw a glare of something reflecting off the light coming from the nightlight. I got up and looked at it. It was a normal kitchen knife sticking out of what looked like a girls jacket. I looked at the back. To my surprise it was Hearth’s on the fact it had the same design from the other day. A sunset over an ocean with a woman and man’s backs standing watching the sunset. It was beautiful.
I then remembered seeing the knife and quickly went back to the pocket. There was also a paper towel. I grabbed that first. There was blood spots all over it. In what looked like lines not normal drops. I then looked at the knife. I cried. There was blood on the knife. I put the puzzle pieces together and realized what happened. She had cut herself. I guess it was her seeing me like that.
Did I really mean this much to that girl? Could I really make someone do something like that? I went into bed as I should have earlier and rested.
I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 10:00 AM. I sat up and next to me was sitting Hearth sleeping in the chair. On my other side was some food for me. I got out of the bed picked Hearth up and laid her down on the bed. I put the covers over her and smiled. I then looked at her kissed her on the forehead. Then a memory came to me. Her arms. I grabbed her arm from under the covers hoping it wasn’t true. But it was. I started doing something. My hands seemed like they were moving on their own. I started grabbing materials. Medicine, herbs, and cloth tape. I started giving her the medicine, rubbed the herb concoction over her wounds, then wrapped her wounds in the cloth.
She woke up in a startle as I just finished. She looked around then saw me holding her arm out. She jerked it back stared at me with half shut eyes for a second and then put her hands on her eyes and started crying. I grabbed her and hugged her. I didn’t want to let go but I needed to see her face.
“Why did you look Rune? Why?” she said. I replied, “I needed to see for myself after finding what was in your jacket last night. I needed to see with my own eyes. Why did you do it Hearth? Did you have a reason?” “I guess not,” she said, “I just care about you and I saw you in so much pain I wanted to try and match it. I never want to see you hurt like that again Rune never.” “Hearth, I’m sure you care a lot about me but you didn’t have to do that. I am happy to see your face, you shouldn’t cry, you shouldn’t hurt. It wouldn’t be right for either of those. I care about you now too seeing how much you care about me, that makes me happy. You are the first person in my life I have met that cares about me” I said.
We sat there silently for about a half an hour just looking at each other. To cheer her up and to get her mind off of those things I started talking about school and other things. She cheered up and even let a couple soft laughs out. I was glad to see her cheering up.
She was there until night with me chatting, playing chess, and just getting to know one another more.
It was night she was asleep I was sitting in the chair and the nurse came in and saw her asleep in the bed and let her stay.
I then wanted to scream. I heard that laugh again, that echoing evil laugh from school. I barged the door open. I ran down the halls. The halls were endless. I ran up and down stairs. I couldn’t find the source of the laugh.
“If you don’t come and talk with me. I’ll take this girl as well...” a voice said. I ran as fast as I could back to my room. I swung open the door. The figure was standing there in front of her bed looking at me.
“While you are here... Lets chat” it said. “What do you want? Why are you here?” I said.
“What I want is.....You...”

To be continued....

Part 3: Prices of Help

“Me?” I asked confused, “What could you possibly want from someone like me?”
“I want you yourself I need you Rune…You are the source of darkness…Ever since you were born…We have been following you…”
“What? What are you talking about I have been happy throughout my life! Go away leave me alone!” I screamed.
“Don’t forget…you are the source of this ‘evil’…Call on it as you will as you will need it in the future.... goodbye Rune…”

I woke up. Was it a dream? Was it real?
“Don’t forget…”
No it was real. Too real, for what I wanted. I wanted to vomit. Then I saw Hearth, her calmness, her beauty. There seemed to be some kind of feeling omitting from her but it was to faint to really recognize. But I did feel calmer from seeing her. Just thinking about her seemed to make me feel even stronger. I forgot about everything that wasn’t Hearth, I fell asleep.
The birds chirping in the open window awoke me. I was at home. I was in my own bed for some reason. I looked at the clock. 6:30AM. There was a note on my door

As soon as you see this get ready for school and go I am not letting you miss another day.

Your mother

I sighed. I didn’t want to go to school especially after what happened. I got ready ate and left for school. I got there at about 7:45. I signed in as late at the desk and went to class. I opened the door and instantly everyone whipped their heads around. And instantly they turned their heads back. Everyone but the teacher who was the only one glad to see me it seemed.
I followed through the rest of the day. I then saw the school announcements board. It was June already and my tests were coming up. I know I am ready so I didn’t let it bother me that much.
A few weeks passed. Me and Hearth hung out a lot studying and such and talking and playing games together. School ended, summer came.

About a week into summer Hearth called me. “Rune I am leaving for camp tomorrow and I won’t be back for a couple of weeks. And I can’t wait, but I don’t want to leave you.” Then there was silence. “Rune,” she started saying again, “I want to ask you something, but it isn’t easy. Well I guess I will come right out with it. Will you…Will you go out with me Rune? Oh please say yes!”
I was shocked I was at a loss for words. I didn’t know what to say but I was so happy I couldn’t resist but say it automatically. “Yes of course I will go out with you Hearth, I just hope you know you’re the first girlfriend I have ever had.” I said. She replied, “And well to tell you the truth… You are my first as well.” She sounded embarrassed I could tell by the tone of her voice. “Don’t be embarrassed we both are our firsts so lets just enjoy it!” I said quickly. “But Hearth, I will miss you.” I said sincerely.
A week went by nothing happened just me and Lin hung out together since Hearth was gone. I told him about me and Hearth and he freaked out. He just couldn’t believe it so he left.
The next day the phone rang. “Hello?” I said normally answering the phone. “Rune! How could you!” It was Hearth. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about I had done nothing wrong that I could think of. “Rune I never want to talk to you again.” She screamed. There was a click then a tone. She had hung up. I don’t know what happened.
I didn’t know what to do. I ran in the kitchen I grabbed a knife. I started cutting myself without even thinking of what I was doing. Blood dripped everywhere as I just kept going and going. Then all of a sudden I started doing what I did to Hearth’s arms. I started taking care of them healing them.
“……Don’t forget Rune………Don’t forget…”
I screamed, “HELP ME!!!”
There was nothing anymore. It all went black. “Hello Rune. Isn’t it nice to see me again?” said a voice. “Who’s there? Where am I?” I screamed. “You are in our world now. You see you asked for our help now you have us master. For you are the ruler of all darkness.” The voice said.
A flash and I was back at home. The phone rang, I answered it. “Rune I am very sorry. Lin told me something that you said that you hated me and you thought I was ugly and I didn’t know what to do.” Hearth said. So that’s what happened. It was Lin.
Me and Hearth talked for a while that day and then she had to go. “Bye Rune. I love you.” She said. “I love you too.” I said as fast as I could. Then we hung up. I was so happy I didn’t know what to think. Then I stopped myself. I know why she called back and apologized. It was that thing. The thing that called me master. The darkness. I knew what happened was too good to be true.

I called upon it, I called upon the darkness. It came. “Why did you do that? What did you do to her to change her mind.” I said to it. “Nothing my lord we just made your life a little easier and she was just attracted to apologizing we did nothing to you only to her. But now there is a price to pay. You must rule over us and you must control us. We cannot be kept in the back of your mind any longer. You must set us free. But a warning. It will be painful. More pain than you’ve ever felt before.”

“Ok” I said. “I’ll do it.”

To be continued……

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