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Cry Out Loud
By: William Murphy
I dedicated this to one of my best friend's mom, who only has a month to live until she passes away to a better place...

The shock is torturing me.
It's impossible to breathe until she is set free.
The weight is conquering me...

She said,
Please let go I am bleeding out loud.
Please let go so I can be found.
Please oh please
I am crying out loud.

The sea is lifted apon me,
The vessel may be low, but I still have room to bleed...
Until she passes away with all of her glory...
While she floats to the top, It's a happy-story...

She said,
Please let go I am bleeding out loud.
Please let go so I can be found.
Please oh please
I am crying out loud.
Don't let this be a horrible ending,
the book alway's finishes,
But I am usually found.

The sea is lifted apon me,
The vessel may be low, but I still have room to bleed...
Until she passes away with all of her glory...
While she floats to the top, It's a happy-story...

I love you Michele, your mother will float to the top, and will be a happy story.
Friend forever smile.gif
Burden of the Gifted: Her Escape
By: Moony
Chapter 1

Many years ago, a mother and father were dancing in their home. Their children, a boy and a girl, laughed and clapped happily for it was their birthday. No, they weren’t twins. In fact, they were a year apart. Exactly one year a part .She was three and he was four. The boy was born on May 16, 1988 and the girl was born on May 16, 1989.
“Oh dear!” The mother cried out. “The children must be off to bed! It’s after nine!” She smiled and walked over to the girl. “Time for bed, my sweet, Danielle. In the morning you can play some more.” The girl yawned and allowed herself to be carried upstairs.
The husband carried the boy, Daniel, upstairs behind her.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthews stayed up long after they had put their children to bed. The Matthews family was not like your family or mine. They belonged to the Clan of the Gifted. The Gifted lived in secret. You would think them as normal as any other family you see. But the people who belonged to the Clan were far from normal. They had amazing abilities. One might have the strength of a thousand men; another might be able to build a house in a blink of an eye. No one had the same Gift. It was much too early to see what kind of Gift’s the Matthews children would have.
Most of the Gifted Clan chose to live in their own world where they could use their Gift without fear of being seen, but the Matthews family was one of the few that chose to remain amongst the Norms, or people who did not belong to the Clan. The Gifted world was much like the Norm world, only better. The buildings were huge and rich and no one was poor. Only people who belonged to the Clan knew where the portal was that led to the world.
It was late when Mr. and Mrs. Matthews went up to bed. At 11:30, a dark figure slipped in to the house by forcing a window open. He slipped upstairs and did not make a sound. He knew where he was going. He walked down the hall and quietly opened the door to Mr. and Mrs. Matthews’ room. They were asleep. He pulled out a gun and shot Mr. Matthews. He died instantly. Mrs. Matthews jolted awake and didn’t even have time to scream before he killed her too. Down the hall, Danielle and Daniel were wide awake. Something told them their mother and father was dead.

Gifted children were much smarter than average children. They also had outstanding memories. They understood that whoever had just killed their parents was coming to kill them too. They hid, holding each other tightly. Then the door opened. The figure had a hood over his face. He turned around slowly and then headed for the bed, where they were hidden. He yanked the sheet from the bed, uncovering the gap where they lay. They ran from under it. The man aimed his gun at Daniel. Danielle stopped and saw this. She jumped at the man’s back. He missed Daniel’s head and hit he boy’s leg. He cursed and then grabbed Danielle and hit her, knocking her out. There was no time to kill the boy now. He could hear the police. With Danielle in his arm, he went through the window and into a van that waited a block away. He threw the girl inside and drove off.

Chapter 2

8 Years Later

Danielle Matthews sat down. She was exhausted. She now lived in a very small part of England called a Dark Spot. Dark Spot’s were made up of people who hated another race of people who hated one type of people. Her luck was so good that she had landed in a place that hated orphans. She now worked for an old lady named Ms. Edwon. Danielle got no money, slept on a rug in a cold attic, and got table scraps for dinner. She was treated worse than Ms. Edwon’s dog, Prince.
“Girl! Girl where are you?” Ms. Edwon yelled through the house.
“Coming ma’am!” Danielle answered. She sighed a got up. She hurried down the stairs where Ms. Edwon waited. Prince snarled at the sight of her.
“Where have you been?” Ms. Edwon demanded. She slapped Danielle’s face.
“I was cleaning the attic ma’am.” Answered Danielle.
Ms. Edwon was a very ugly woman. She had a huge nose and a wart on her cheek. She was fat and her makeup made her look like a clown.
“Well I need you to fix my darling Prince’s dinner. He’s looking a bit thin. You better be feeding him right!” Ms. Edwon said.
“Don’t worry ma’am. He’ll have a very good dinner ma’am.” Danielle answered. If this woman had a heart and would not kill her if she said this, Danielle would have called her an old dead muskrat right then. She hated Ms. Edwon and she wished dearly that she could escape but she could not. Guards were stationed on every street corner to prevent any children from getting away. “C’mon Prince.” Danielle said. She led the way into the kitchen.
“You had better put in a lot of meat this time, girl!” The dog shouted. Danielle jumped.
“There’s no need to shout.” She replied. Danielle knew she was special. She remembered everything from her childhood with her parents, her brother, the Clan, everything. She knew the rule that Gifted only had one Gift but she had two. One was talking to animals, the other was levitating. She could make herself, and anything else fly around at will. Now, she was bringing a bowl from the cupboard and making Prince’s dinner without lifting a finger.
“You’re such a lazy girl! Can’t even make my food without showing off can you?” The dog said huffily.
“No.” Danielle answered with a smirk. She set the food down and the dog ate it like a starving animal.
“Done?” Ms. Edwon asked walking into the room. “Good. Clean the dining room and make dinner for six. I am having friends over. I’ll be back in an hour. Things had better be ready.”
“Yes ma’am.” Danielle answered. When Ms. Edwon was gone, Danielle opened a window. A tabby cat jumped in.
“I thought she’d never leave!” It said shivering from the cold.
“Come warm by the fire Jack. I have to clean the dining room.” She said. Jack was her only friend. He had seen how she was treated when she first came and decided to rub her legs like any cat. He was so surprised when he found out she could understand him, he fell off the table he had been sitting on. He and other cats were much smarter than humans gave them credit for. They would be able to build huge buildings if they had thumbs.
“Alright.” Jack answered. He sat on a chair near the fire. “Did you have the nightmare again?”
“Danielle looked up, surprised. “Yes. How did you know?”
“Dani, I’ve known you for eight years. I think by now I’d be able to read your expression.”
“The nightmare they spoke of was the night Danielle’s parents had been murdered and Danielle’s brother shot. She knew he must have died. Why else had he not come for her?
“Well, yes I had it. It seemed so real! I was crying when I woke up.” Danielle said. She had finished the dining room and was now preparing a turkey for dinner.
“You can’t stay here your entire life Dani. You’re going to have to go back to America. Find your family.” Jack said quietly.
“My family is dead.” Danielle replied stiffly.
“Your brother could still be alive. It was to the leg and the police were coming.”
“Then why has he not come for me?” She demanded.
“Danielle, you are in a Dark Spot. They are practically impossible to find!”
“I suppose you’re right. But how can I escape? There are people who tried it before and they were all killed.”
Jack stretched. “Those people weren’t you now were they? Use your imagination.” He looked at the turkey. She looked too. It was gently flying into the oven with to movement of her finger.
“Just for that, I’ll save you a scrap of turkey.”

Chapter 3

Danielle waited next to the door. One by one, the guests filed in. Danielle took their coats and hung them all in the hall closet. She then waited in the kitchen while they talked until it was time for dinner. She put their dinner in front of them and bowed. She then backed away slowly until she was back in the kitchen as she had been taught to.
She did the same thing with desert which was pie. The guests did not leave until well past eleven. She then went to the dining room and cleared the dishes. She did not get to go upstairs until after one. She fell on her rug and fell asleep. She had the nightmare again. The man would throw her in the back of the car and they drove to the airport where they snuck onto a plane. Then they flew to England and took a car to the Dark Spot. He sold her to the people here and left, laughing. The people grabbed her and hurt her. They locked her up in the middle of the town and starved her for a week then Ms. Edwon bought her. The first day, Prince attacked her. Danielle jolted awake, terrified. She lifted her ragged clothing and looked at her leg. The long scar went from her ankle to her kneecap. Prince had sliced her leg up. She had bandaged it herself because no one had cared.
She got up and began her chores. She made pancakes and waited by the door as Ms. Edwon ate. She got half a pancake and no syrup. Jack was right. It was time to go. Even if she had no family, anywhere was better than here. She went to the market with Jack walking beside her. He had a plan to get them both out.
“Are you sure it will work?”
“Absolutely. With you, it’s foolproof.” Jack answered. Danielle went through her day as if nothing was unusual. Took her beatings, ate her small meals, and went to her room late. She busied herself with packing. She was done in two minutes. Jack waited for her on the window sill.
“Are you ready?” He asked. Danielle nodded, to nervous to speak. “Good.” He jumped in her arms and she opened the window.
“I don’t know if I can do this Jack.” She said looking down. “I’ve never levitated myself before.”
“You must. You can do this!” Jack assured her. “Don’t worry.”
Danielle nodded and jumped. They fell six feet before she levitated them. Concentrating, she flew them to the next roof. There, she rested for a moment. Then she did the next three without resting. Then the next six. Finally, they were on the last roof.
“We’re almost there!” Jack whispered. Guards were asleep at their posts. It was too easy. They must have had the ground booby-trapped, but Danielle wasn’t on the ground. She took a deep breath and jumped.
This was the furthest distance yet, but Danielle picked up speed. She didn’t know how, but this felt so natural. Soaring over the ground. She grinned at Jack and soared over the fence. She kept going.
“Why are you still going?” Jack asked.
“I have to!” Answered Danielle. “It’s too easy. They probably have the ground booby-trapped for people who are coming way too close. All of the people could be arrested back there for what they do.”
Jack nodded. They flew for twenty miles before Danielle lowered them to the ground and collapsed in a deep sleep. Jack camouflaged her and lay down next to her.
“You did good kid. Real good.” He said.

Chapter 4

Danielle woke up at around noon the next day. She sat up and blinked. Then she remembered she jumped and began to dance. “I’m free! I’m free! I’m free!” She shouted to the sun.
“Yes, yes you’re free but we must hurry. They will pursue.” Jack said. Danielle sighed.
“Yeah you’re right. Walk or fly?” She asked.
“Walk. We’re near a town.” Jack answered.
“Then c’mon!” Danielle said happily. She began to run, just to feel the wind. Jack ran to, laughing at her happiness. He had never seen her happy. It was a beautiful sight.
They ran for a bit, and then they walked. Soon they saw London.
“It’s huge.” Danielle said in an awed tone.
“Yes. You’re going to have to find work in it to pay for our passage to America.” Jack said. Danielle nodded. They walked on for half a mile when they saw an old couple walking by. They threw down some money and hurried past.
“Buy some new clothes!” They said nastily. Danielle scooped up the money and put it in her pocket. She saw a shop and ran inside.
“I need some clothes sir.” She said to the shopkeeper.
“Go to the back and pick what you want. You can wear it out of the store.” The man replied looking at her rags.
“Thank you.” She hurried to the back and picked up a hooded sweatshirt, jeans, socks, and gym shoes. She put them up and went to the counter to pay for it.
“Just take them. You must have been in a fire or something.” The man said waving her away.
“Oh thank you!” Danielle cried happily. She ran outside where Jack waited and they continued on. The reached London in ten minutes. Danielle found a piece of cardboard and wrote:


People dropped coins near her sympathetically but none offered her a job. She sat down after an hour but held the sign high. Then a woman passed.
“My dear. Where are your parents? Surly they can support you so you have no need for street begging?” She asked.
Danielle thought fast. “They died in the fire. I’m on my own.” She answered.
“Oh you poor thing! Come, I will take you to an orphanage and you will get a new family and you will never have to street beg again.” With that, she seized Danielle’s hand and marched her across the city.
They stopped a building that said


On a large sign outside. The woman marched up the steps with Danielle trailing behind in her firm grip. The lady rung the doorbell and a woman answered the door.
“Mrs. Duince, I found this poor girl begging on the street. Her parents died in a recent fire and she needs a proper home.”
“We would be happy to have her.” Mrs. Duince said sweetly. “What is your name, dear?” She asked Danielle.
“Danielle what?”
“Danielle Matthews.”
“Well Danielle, is this your cat?” She asked noticing Jack.
“Yes. His name is Jack.”
“Well, Danielle and Jack, if you will follow me, we’ll fill out the paperwork so you can find a nice home.”
Danielle said god-bye to the first woman and followed Mrs. Duince through the orphanage. They went into an office where Mrs. Duince asked Danielle to have a seat.
“Now. What were your parents’ names?” Mrs. Duince asked.
“John and Anna Matthews.”
“How old are you?”
“Do you have any siblings?”
“Have you had all shots?”
Mrs. Duince asked a few more questions. “Alright dear.” She said when she was finished. “I’ll show you to your room.”
She led Danielle up some stairs to a room where seven beds sat in a row. Danielle was to have the last one. She unpacked her few things and followed Mrs. Duince back downstairs.
“Children! Children!” Mrs. Duince called. 14 ran up and stared at Danielle. “This is Danielle, children. She just lost her parents in a fire and is going to live here for a while. Danielle, this is Davy.” She said indicating a boy with light brown hair.
“That is Lewis and there is Brad, Adam, Jake, Jacob, Cade, Zane, and the girls are Danice, Mallory, Belle, Marie, Sally, Sue, and Riona.”
Each of then said hello to Danielle and then Mrs. Duince left. As soon as she was out of sight, Danielle wiped her shy face off.
“C’mon Jack.” She said. She walked over to a tree and sat down.
“Well this is a fine mess. Now we’re stuck here.” Jack said unhappily.
“I should have blasted that woman to kingdom come.” Danielle replied just as miserable. “And those kids won’t stop staring at us!” She added. She stared right back at them, only coldly. They looked away but snuck glances when they thought she wasn’t looking. Finally, Riona walked over.
“What?” Danielle asked coldly.
“Would you like a cookie?”
“Oh. Okay. Do you want to play with me and Mallory?”
“Not really.”
“May I pet your cat?” This time she did not wait for an answer. She bent down and scratched behind Jack’s ears.
“He likes you.” Danielle said. She held out her hand and Jack walked over to it. He rubbed against it and sat down. Riona gave up and walked away.
“She’ll be a problem.” Jack said. “Too nosy.” Danielle nodded.
“Well, we escaped the Dark Spot. This will be cake.”

Chapter 5

Danielle said they should stay for a month. The needed to rest, get food, and they needed sleep badly. The first few nights, Danielle thought she was in heaven. She had not slept in a bed for eight years, eaten decent food since that horrible night, or had anytime for herself. But the day before they were going to leave, was adoption day.
Danielle woke up that morning and dressed in the new clothes the clothes she had bought even though Mrs. Duince had given her new clothes. She went downstairs and asked Mrs. Duince why everyone was so excited.
“Why, today people who want a child will come here and pick out of all of you and then you will get a new family!” Mrs. Duince replied happily. “Isn’t that wonderful dear?
“Just peachy.” Danielle answered with a fake smile. An hour later, they came.
Ten couples and one man, who was alone, came in. They all spoke to the children and then went to an office with Mrs. Duince. Then, one by one the children were adopted. Soon all but the one man had left and there were five kids left instead of the fourteen that had been there before. Davy, Adam, Brad, Zane, and Danielle.
“Danielle, would you come in here please?” Mrs. Duince called.
Danielle’s eyes got big. She couldn’t be adopted. She had a family to run to. But she had no choice. She walked in to the office. The man stood in the shadows.
“Danielle, this is Alan Black. He is asking about adopting you. He is very wealthy and has always wanted a little girl.” Danielle turned and looked at the man. His eyes sent shivers up her spine.
“Hello Danielle. All we have to do is fill out some paperwork and then you can have a new dad.” He said grinning. Danielle backed away and Jack hissed.
“Danielle, I know it hasn’t been long since your mother and father died, but this man will take care of you and see that you grow up to be a healthy, intelligent young woman.” Mrs. Duince said gently. Mr. Black took her hand. It looked gently but his grip was hard and she could not pull away.
“Please, Mrs. Duince, I want to stay here!” She cried. Mrs. Duince shook her head.
“I’m sorry dear but I’m afraid you have to go with Mr. Black here. You’ll be very happy, I assure you.”
“Yes Danielle. We’ll have lots of fun! Tomorrow, we’ll go out for ice cream! Would you like that?” Black said.
“Danielle, go upstairs and pack. Mr. Black will fill out the paperwork.” Mrs. Duince said firmly. Danielle called to Jack who hissed at Black again but followed Danielle out of the room.
“We should have left long ago Jack. That man is a horrible man.” Danielle said miserably.
“I know. If he tries to hurt you, you can always call on animals to help you. They’ll answer.” Jack said reassuringly.
Danielle packed her bag and went down the steps where Black waited.
“All packed? Excellent. We’ll be off then Mrs. Duince.” He said to her. “Thank you for all of your help.”
“You’re welcome. Good-bye dear.” She said to Danielle. She hugged Danielle hard, who didn’t hug back.
“C’mon Jack.” Danielle said. Jack jumped into her waiting arms.
“Well, we need to go Danielle. I started the car so it would be warm.” Black said. He walked outside and Danielle followed unhappily. He opened the door to a black car and she slid in. Jack looked around.
“Why do you think he’s being so nice? Perhaps we’re wrong?”
“No we’re not.” Danielle said firmly. She looked longingly out the window. “I was free for a month.” She said sadly.
Then they were driving away. Black looked through the rear view mirror.
“Don’t look so depressed. We’re going to have lots of fun. As Mrs. Duince said, I’m a fairly wealthy man. I can give you whatever you want. Would you like an ice cream cone now?”
Afraid to make him angry, Danielle nodded. She looked more closely at Black. He wore a brown leather jacket and had thick brown hair. His eyes were brown and he was fairly tall.
“Alright then.” He said cheerfully. He pulled off on a side road and they stopped at the local ice cream joint, Meg’s. “What kind of ice cream would you like?” He asked when they were inside.
“Vanilla. No sprinkles.” Danielle replied.
“No problem.” Black said. He ordered two, one for himself and one for Danielle. They sat outside eating, Danielle sitting two feet away from Black, turned the other way. She dripped ice cream on the ground for Jack to lick.
“Cute cat.” Black said.
“Uh huh.”
“You’ve gone to school haven’t you?”
“Nope. But I learned things back at my old home.”
“And where was that?”
Danielle didn’t answer.
“If we’re going to live in the same house we’re going to have to be able to communicate.” Black said gruffly.
“Yes well if I had it my way, I would be back at the orphanage right now.”
“So an orphanage is better than my mansion?”
“To me, yes. You would have been better off picking the other kids.” Answered Danielle. Her tone was icy. She turned to look at Black. He shrugged and finished his cone.
“Let’s go then. We have to get you moved in and then I’ll give you a tour of the house.” He said. Danielle shrugged and followed him to the car. They drove for nearly an hour. Danielle occupied her time by listening to jack, though she could not answer with Black in the car.
“Here we are.” Black finally announced. Danielle looked up and made a small gasp. In front of them was a huge white mansion. The lights were on in almost every room and Danielle could see horse stables not too far away. Servants came and took her bag and Black showed her to a magnificent room where her stuff was put away. The bed was the biggest bed she had ever seen. A screen was on one of the walls. It was a full-sized TV screen. On a desk was a flat screen computer complete with the fastest internet speed available.
“I’ll be downstairs. Come find me when you’re ready.” Black said. He backed out and closed the door.
“Are you entirely sure we want to run away?” Jack asked, awed by the room.
“Jack!” Danielle scolded. “Of course we need to leave! I have a family in America! I’m positive! I don’t want to live in this fancy house. We must only stay a week. Understand?”
Jack sighed. “Yes. You’re right. Come. Let’s go downstairs. I thought I smelled tuna when we first walked down.” Danielle laughed. Outside the door, Alan Black moved quickly down the hall, chuckling evilly to himself.
Chapter 6

Danielle and Jack ended up staying for more than a month. Jack loved the food and Danielle could not keep away from the horses. At first they had resisted letting her ride them, but when she began talking to them, they cam to the fence and waited for her everyday. Danielle’s favorite horse was Thunder Streak. He had an all black coat with a single white diamond on his head between his eyes.
“Hello Danielle.” Thunder said one day as Danielle as she walked up.
“Evening” Danielle answered. Not bothering to get a saddle, Danielle climbed over the fence and got on Thunder Streak’s back. “How about a gallop today?” She asked.
“Sounds good.” Replied the horse. He started with a light trot and then began to gallop. Danielle slowly took her hands away from the mane and soon was riding the horse with her hands spread out. She was still laughing when he went back to a slow trot. He took her to a shady spot under a tree and allowed her to climb down. He then lay down and she put her hand on is neck and began to stroke it.
“You’re in danger, Dani.” The horse said heavily.
“What do you mean?” Danielle asked, surprised.
“Mr. Black was up here earlier and I heard him talking to the trainer. He said he had something big planned for you today and he laughed it wasn’t a nice laugh. He’s a bad man. I know. I’ve lived here much longer than you.”
“I know he…” Danielle’s voice trailed off. She pointed to a shadow that was coming closer.
“Hello Matt.” Black said as he came up. He had called Danielle Matt for the past couple of days because her manner “Was so like a boys” as Black said. “I have a surprise for you. Let’s put old Thunder here away and go up to the house.” He said with a small grin.
Danielle got up without a word and Thunder followed her lead. She led Thunder back the stables and put him away. As she and Black walked away, Danielle looked back and Thunder could see the fear in her face before she looked away.
When they got back to the house, Black told Danielle to have a seat. He got a hooded sweatshirt and faded jeans from an old looking bag. He tossed them to her.
“What are these for Mr. Black?” Danielle asked holding them up.
“You’re going to need them for the work you’re going to do for me.” Black answered, grinning.
“Oh yes Matt. With your talents, you could make me even more rich than I already am!” Black cried.
“What talents?” Danielle asked, fear and panic rising in her.
“Don’t play games with me Matt! I know what you are! I know who you are! I know everything about your past! I know what lies in America!”
“I have no clue as to what you’re talking about.”
Black began to laugh. He took a cell phone from his pocket. “See this phone, Matt?” He asked. Danielle nodded, still confused. “I have my men on speed dial. They are in America. All I have to do is call them, say the word and they will shoot your older brother and the kind person he lives with!”
Danielle’s blood went cold. Black laughed again.
“I see you understand. Good. Now, use your Gift!” He demanded.
“Which one?” Danielle asked miserably.
“Not the talking one but the other.”
“On what?”
Danielle, resisting tears, rose into the air. Then, on Black’s command, levitated Jack, a table, and a chair.
“Excellent.” Black breathed. “Be down in this room at six tomorrow!” He barked. “Now get out of my sight!”
Danielle picked up Jack and walked upstairs to her room, which had been stripped to nothing but a small, hard cot.
“Jack what have I done?” She whispered. She fell on the bed crying. Jack stood at her feet as she fell into an uneasy sleep. When people came in the room at night to make sure she was still there, Jack would hiss at them until they left. Once Black came in and Jack had flexed his claws. When Black hadn’t taken the hint, Jack had scratched him and drawn blood which sent the man running out of the room calling for a medic.
The next morning, Jack woke Danielle on time and she went down the stairs. Black did not come for an hour but she dare not leave the room, not even for breakfast. He came in the room at 7:10.
“I will need you to do work for me tonight.” He said sitting while she stood.
“What kind of work?”
Instead of answering, Black took out a map. It showed a large building. Danielle recognized it as a mansion not too far away.
“I want you to go into this house tonight, steal the golden cat that is in it, and bring it back to me. If you get caught, well, let’s just say there will be no one waiting in America anymore.” Black said with a sly grin.
“You want me to steal?” Danielle asked, appalled.
“Did I stutter? Yes I want you to steal!” Black cried. “And now for a few rules for here. You are not to talk to any of the servants. You are not to leave the house without my permission. You are not to speak without being spoken to first.”
“What about the horses?”
“What about them?”
“Can I still go down and ride them?”
“Only if you are escorted.”
“There would be no need for that.”
“And why is that?”
“Because if I left, you would have my brother killed. I would never leave if that were the case.” Danielle replied sadly.
Black laughed. “Do you know why it was so easy to trap you, Matt? It’s because of honor and weakness and love. Be cause you love your brother and you have the sacred honor to avenge your parents deaths’, you are weak! I knew you would save him instead of yourself!” Black laughed and Danielle knew that she was trapped, perhaps for the rest of her life and her heart broke as she thought of what she may have had.
Missing You
By: Moony
A breeze settled across the sea.
As I sit here and wonder,
if you're thinking of me.

I sigh a deep sigh,
and look to the sky
as a tear runs down my cheek.
I close my eyes and think of you
as I do every day of every week.

I look towards the sea,
and wonder if you're there on the other shore,
looking back at me.
Again I raise my head,
And ask God why,
I sleep alone in bed.

I love you and
I want you to know,
I am missing you.

Again, dedicated to Hiei, my true love. I love you for always Hiei.

Lack of Better Things
I'm currently (trying) to write a story. It's going to be about two main characters, D.C.(Alien) and Reject, who attend Mental Instatution High. They try to overcome mental conflicts and the negative effects everyone has. This story might be dark at times, angsty even, so if anyone feels it should be adulted please feel free to move it.

With that said-

Chapter 1 - Anthropomorphism

Anthropomorphism : Attribution of human characteristics to animals, inanimate objects, or natural phenomena

Reject is quite the 'weird' one. Just the sight of his day-to-day characteristics would make anyone gasp and say, "He's weird!" And today was no exception. Taking his seat in the front of the class while the rest tried their best not to make eye contact with him or sit near him, he bit his lower lip until it bled. People whispered that the taste of blood was the only thing that kept him sane. The Master, Hilian Van Wrinkel, does not take any form of self multiplation well. She walked in front of his desk, her black ruler behind her back. "Reject what are you doing?" Her voice held a fake sweetness everyone knew too well. She always used this voice before lashing out.
Reject didn't look up at her. His eyes went blank and his teeth dug deeper into the soft, vulnerable felsh of his lip.
"Reject, you know the rules. Do not disobey me. I am your Master now. I am your God." Her voice was hoarse and loud now. She eyed Reject with the same hatered she showed everyone. She swiftly, yet slowly, took the ruler from behind her and in one quick motion slapped Reject over the head with it, leaving blood to drip off it and onto the white floor. Reject's eyes watered from the pain. She had done this many times before. So many times.

D.C. looked out the window during all of this. It hurt to watch time and time again as someone was abused. She wondered if Reject knew that so many people, no matter how crazy, all thought he was worse and that he deserved this. Maybe he was just a genius, too smart to associate people. Or perhaps he was indeed insane and wasn't aware of the (heck)hole reality he was in.Maybe he was just different. Society doesn't take to difference well. Everyone always must question and fear what defies their science and personal definition of normaility.

Maybe reject knew this.

'It's thoughts like these that landed me here in the first place.' She thought.
The hours that followed were the same, long and haunted with pain. Everyone else fidgeted in class, anxiously waiting the end when they would get to go back to their rooms and hide. But Reject, with the blank and boring expression he always wore, acted the same. Distant. Time seemed to stop around him and no one understood it.
D.C. found herself wondering more about Reject, she studided him through her thick glasses and red hair.

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By: Will

This is the big story I'm working on. I'm actually going to finish this one too smile.gif. Anyway, I already made what would kinda be the "back" of the book so to speak. Anyway, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as always!


The “Back” of the Book
Was there no happiness in the so-called “lives” of the three Holondite children? It was so when their already unhappy lives turn to pure cheerlessness as they’re forced to live in the newly made city Tyria. The city featured strange and ancient-like structures and symbols; strange people, a psychopath councilor and his even more mad assistant. But this is just an adjustment, there’s really nothing wrong here… or is there actually a strong mystery hiding behind overly excited people, an insane councilor and his wacky assistant… It’s all waiting for James, Jillian, and Jacob to figure out as the quest begins: When they find the chronicles of Tyria…
Chapter 1
The day was dark, and so was the hearts of the three Holondite children. James, a genius eleven-year-old figured out what was happening the second he walked through the door of the Holondite mansion. Jillian, the thirteen year old could understand what was happening as she also stepped through the large door with her brothers. And the youngest, Jacob, even as a four year old could try to assume what was happening. Their house screamed devastation and wreck. It was at the first thirty-two seconds of staring, the first tear of the Holondite children fell, Jacob being the source. The tear hit the ground with an alarming drop that shook the other two children due to the silence the house created. Not a single child spoke, the thought of coming home from the most wonderful day shopping with friends could turn into such an atrocious day, just because of their once-beautiful house. James took the first step. His eyes spun around to all the once together furniture. The next child to step into the house was Jillian. She took off her hat, still staring at the wreckage in amazement. Jillian turned to Jacob who was still standing at the door crying in silence. “It’s ok Jacob.” She said, “Grab my hand, we have to look for our parents to make sure they’re ok.” But before she got to the second sentence of her reassuring command to Jacob, James had already begun yelling, “Mom? Dad?” Nothing but silence came back. There was sudden creak coming from afar into the house. A cracking sound followed it; the eerie sounds shook the three youngsters so much, even considering how much a simple teardrop could put them into a scared position. The creaking stopped, and then a large thump followed it as a bed following the remains of Mister and Misses Holondite. The screams of the three children echoed through the large house, and it was scarcely after that, all three of the Holondite ran out of breath onto the tile floor, into a deep slumber.
The day was dark, and so was the small Holondite mansion. Jacob, even as a four year-old baby could see what had happened. The poor baby with his brown hair, freckles, and baby outfit could feel his heart race immediately… James could also feel his heart pounding to the top of his skinny chest. But his mind refused to ignore what his eyes faced through the sunglasses he had just bought at the mall. Jillian managed to save herself from the pain the other two Holondites could barely bear by her asthma medication, which screamed of horrible poison, which waited for the accidental overdose. She took the large pill, held her long pointy nose, and dropped the asthmatic-reliever pill into her mouth. Their house screamed devastation and wreck. It was at the first thirty-two seconds of staring, the first tear of the Holondite children fell, Jacob being the source. The tear hit the ground with an alarming drop that shook the other two children due to the silence the house created. Not a single child spoke, the thought of coming home from the most wonderful day shopping with friends could turn into such an atrocious day, just because of their once-beautiful house. James took the first step inside the darkened house. His eyes spun around to all the once together furniture. The next child to step into the house was Jillian. She took off her hat, still staring at the wreckage in amazement. Jillian turned to Jacob who was still standing at the door crying in silence. “It’s ok Jacob.” She said, “Grab my hand, we have to look for our parents to make sure they’re ok.” But before she got to the second sentence of her reassuring command to Jacob, James had already begun yelling, “Mom? Dad?” Nothing but silence came back. There was sudden creak coming from afar into the house. A cracking sound followed it; the eerie sounds shook the three youngsters so much, even considering how much a simple teardrop could put them into a scared position. The creaking stopped, and then a large thump followed it as a bed following the remains of Mister and Misses Holondite. The screams of the three children echoed through the large house, and it was scarcely after that, all three of the Holondite ran out of breath onto the tile floor, into a deep slumber.
Peer Pressure
by Tom of the Kid's Writing Club

Chapter One

I opened my eyes and escaped the beautiful nothingness that had taken over me, hearing the shout of my mother from downstairs as she called for me to wake up and get prepared for school. I sighed, hating the fact that I was still alive (a thought I know should never run through the mind of a thirteen year old boy) and hating the fact that I had been awoken from the sleep I savoured so much. Sleep was really my only escape from my harsh reality.

‘I’m awake,’ I shouted loud enough for her to hear what I was saying and got no response yet knew that she had heard me. I lay in my bed for a few more seconds, begging sleep to pull me back into that beautiful nothingness only to find that it was too late for it to take me back, I felt rejected.

I lay in bed for a few more seconds, brushing my hand through my bushy brown hair as I did so. Eventually I turned over and straightened myself before rising to my feet and walking across my bedroom. I checked the clock on my bookshelf and saw that it was 7:30am, not so late after all. I sighed again, still hating my own existence more than I hated those that made my life so miserable.

There comes a point when one in such a downhill roll like myself begins to hate himself more than those that gave him that first little push down the hill. The hill is steep and although at one point you may hit a barrier that stops you on the roll down that mental hill you’re pause is only brief. The others move on after you and break the barrier down in their own thug-like way, allowing you to keep rolling and although their push becomes weaker and less common at one point it is eventually you that begins to accelerate unassisted. I have reached that point now, I feel degraded, I feel use by all those who ever called themselves my friend, I feel dirty, I feel outcasted and I feel hateful towards everyone and towards myself. This is my mind.

I got changed and went to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, spraying myself with doeoderant, taking a leak as me and my “friends” have come to call it. Those “friends” have left me now, migrated to the group that cause my pain...some friends eh? I was fully ready to start my walk to school (I don’t take the bus nowadays, on there I am among thirty other kids who all find it necessary to bully and tease me) but first I stop and stare at myself in the bathroom mirror, I stare at the problem as it has become so… I stare into my own green eyes and part of me wants to breakdown and cry, cowering like a scared child (that’s what I am sometimes). However, another part of me wants to scream in the mirror at my own reflection, “What the **** is wrong with you! Why are you still alive? DIE MARK TRESSER, DIE!!!” That is what the rage inside me makes me feel like doing.

But I do neither and take my eyes away from the eyes of my reflection and walk out of the bathroom into the upstairs corridor. Then I walked downstairs, greeted my mother, got a grunt in reply, took my lunch money and left. I wanted to be away from her as quick as possible and out of that *swear word* house, perhaps the day would be the day that I end my own mental pain and give those bullies what they push for but don’t truly want. But maybe I wouldn’t and maybe I would, I’d just have to wait and see.

I walked down the footpath alongside the morning traffic of the Wednesday that would follow-up the torturous Tuesday that I had experienced and as they passed as I continued to walk to my destination of school I saw more and more of the kids who bullied me being drove to school by their parents. Lucky is the word I use to describe them, they don’t have to be the victim of abuse both mental and physical everyday do they? But they have no problem dishing out the abuse do they? The answer, I am sad to say, is no.

The school bus passed by me minutes before I arrived at school and the rage inside me began to burn intensely as I saw some of the bullies in the seats wanting to pick up a rock and throw it at them behind the glass window! I thought about this for minutes later until I finally reached and entered the hell-house that was school, at least it was a hell-house for me anyway…
Chapter Two

Every morning I would have to go through this, and every afternoon would bring exactly the same. During English class the bullies sat on the desks behind me would roll up clumps of paper and throw them at the back of my head just to get me aggravated and annoyed, they didn’t care about education at all, all they seemed to care about was irritating me. So by now you must be asking: Why do they constantly try to wind me up?

I have autism which is a disability which causes me to have a pretty bad temper and react badly to certain situations making me a perfect target for bullies that think it is right to aggravate people like me, I am a perfect target for their own frustration you may cause. They take their problems out on me and express joy when doing so… Most Autistic kids are usually struck with learning difficulty and have to go to “special” schools but luckily for me I am a pretty smart kid and have no problems learning whatsoever.

Eventually I got annoyed and, while Ms. Palmer wrote down a paragraph on the chalkboard, tuned and grabbed my metal pencil-case. I then threw it across the classroom hitting one of the bullies in the face and splitting his upper lip wide open, suddenly everything seemed to blur as blood flooded from the injured bullie’s nose and as he rushed past me without even glancing at me. He swung open the door and ran to the nearest bathroom as quickly as he could. I looked towards the front and saw Ms. Palmer gasping at me in shock, all through the lesson she hadn’t noticed them throwing clumps of paper at me but noticed when I bust one of their lip’s (not that I was very surprised that she noticed, the kid had been screaming). So she sent me to the Principal’s Office and, obediently, I left the classroom after one last scowl at the group of bullies who has gone into an uneasy silence as they stared at the blood that had sprayed onto the cupboard at the back of the classroom and at the blood on the table knowing that it had came from their friend’s own lip. Before leaving I got one last look at the group leader who just stared into my eyes and then made the slit-throat sign as I left the room. Great… now I was a target for their fists!

I left the room and for a brief second admired the bloodstain on the carpet of the corridor, I looked back at the yellow classroom door and my eyes met those of my teacher who scowled at me impatiently. I shrugged my shoulders and turned to my right, then I started walking down the corridor, each step taking me further and further away from the Principal’s Office.

At that moment in time only one thought ran through my mind. Time for a Cigarette.
Chapter Three

I had only taken up smoking cigarettes recently, I considered it a way to try and calm myself and although it couldn’t set back some of the anger that I held within it managed to give me some sort of relief. Luckily there was a place beside the hill where I could go sit and have a cigarette without any teachers walking by and catching me although I knew I would have to rush this cigarette since I’d probably get caught if I didn’t rush off to the principal’s office pronto. I just sat staring at the row of houses that stood across the School Field not really caring for anything I saw, in all honesty there was nothing interesting in this town nowadays, not that there had ever been anything interesting to me here for months.

Right now the only think I was enjoying was the thought of that pencil case striking the bully in the face and busting his lip and how the case was stained with his blood when I went and picked it up. I didn’t care much about the consequences I would face for it though, as far as I was concerned that bully got what was coming to him. The fat blonde-haired freak!

I finished my cigarette and threw it down the hill before climbing to my feet and taking my rucksack along with me over my left shoulder, in my right hand I still held the bloody pencil case and could feel the blood from it on my hand, strangely enough it felt good. Maybe I was beginning to develop a little lust for human blood. Now I would have to walk back into the downstairs corridor, past my English classroom and to the Principal’s Office and risk the chance of being caught. Did I care? No. Why should I care? No-One cares about me!

I did walk past my English class a few seconds later and, without Ms. Palmer noticing, I managed to catch a glance of the bully I’d injured and saw that he was holding a damp cloth to his cut lip. That brought a smile to my face for a second before I continued to walk down the corridor towards the Principal’s Office.

When I reached it I took a deep breath, inhaling more of the dirty school air and turned the doorknob stepping into his office and closing the door behind me.

Before me sat Principal Stevenson, a fat grey-haired old man with odd looking glasses and a peculiar moustache.

He motioned for me to sit in the chair at the front of his desk and, taking another deep breath, I walked over towards his desk and sat down in the chair. I could tell from the moment I sat down that the Principal planned to intimidate me with words like all Principal’s do but I was prepared for what he had to say.

He poured himself a glass of water, asked if I wanted a glass and then poured me a glass when I replied with the answer yes.

‘So Mr. Tresser, how may I help you?’ He asked as I sat before him.

I took a drink of my glass of water and then placed it back on his desk, then (taking a final deep breath) I began my story from the beginning.

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